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Born in 2023 from Costanza and Chiara’s minds, Bona Vitaly combines teaching and Italian culture.

While Costanza, with her many years of experience, guides students into the fascinating world of the Italian language and culture, Chiara, owner of the B&B Dolce Luna, enriches the experience with her conversations “Chat with Chiara".

We offer dynamic courses for every level, perfect for those who want to learn Italian from the comfort of their own home.

But with Bona Vitaly, there's always more!

If you are looking for something truly special, don't miss our “Study Adventures”.

These study holidays are not simple courses, but real journeys to discover the magnificent city of Florence.

Join us and experience Italian… like never before! 😉

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Grammar for every level, from beginners to experts.

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Individually or in group, we adapt the experience to your needs.


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Individual or group chat sessions, to improve your Italian fluency!


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Immerse yourself in the language while exploring the wonders of Italian art.

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Travel from the sofa of your home!


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We convert English and Spanish into flawless Italian


Study Holidays in Florence!


Discover our Study Holidays in Florence!

Classroom lessons and adventures on the streets of the cradle of the Renaissance!

In partnership with B&B Dolce Luna.



Opravdová Profesionálka

Italsky se snažím učit od roku 2012. S přestávkami jsem vystřídala několik jazykových škol, soukromých lektorů a lektorek, ale až výuka s Costanzou mě chytila natolik, že s ní již 4. rokem pokračuji ve výuce bez přestávky a díky ní konečně dostávám pocit, že jsem schopna mluvit nejen o tématech jako je dovolená, volný čas apod., ale i si „pokecat“ o všem, co nás trápí, co dennodenně řešíme, jak v práci, tak doma. S Costanzy se stala za tu dobu naše super kamarádka, která ale vždy ke každé lekci přistupuje jako naprostý profesionál a jen tak nám něco neodpustí. Speciálně konjunktiv, tím nás „trápila“ a „trápí“ neskutečně 😊 V rámci hodin si najdeme vždy chvíli na konverzaci o tom, co se za poslední týden událo, zbytek lekcí probíráme nějaký zajímavý článek, který si pro nás Costanza připravila, učíme se nová slovíčka k tématu, a hlavně, nikdy nezapomínáme na gramatiku! Ta je ale z její strany podávána vždy tak, abychom ji pochopili, když ji nechápeme hned, trpělivě nám je schopna vše vysvětlit, ukázat na příkladech, mnohdy i formou her procvičujeme, co jsme se naposledy naučili. Nikdy nezapomíná rovněž na domácí úkoly, díky kterým si můžeme nově naučené věci lépe zafixovat. Nelíbí se nám to, ale funguje to 😊 Za mě je Costanza nejlepší učitelka italštiny, kterou jsem kdy potkala, a těším se na spoustu dalších lekcí s ní.

Lenka Repubblica Ceca

Un’insegnante Eccellente

Sono Susan una signora di Chicago che studia l’italiano per piacere. Faccio lezioni su Zoom con Costanza da più di 2 anni. Nella primavera del 2022, sono andata a Firenze per fare lezioni con Costanza in presenza. Ogni giorno facevamo un giro in una parte di Firenze per parlare della cultura, dell’arte e della storia. Costanza ha creato spiegazioni ed esercizi per ogni lezione. Sono andata molte volte in Italia per studiare l’italiano. Ho sempre sognato un corso d’italiano fuori l’aula e finalmente il mio sogno è stato realizzato! Costanza è un’insegnante per eccellenza! Sono contenta che adesso lei abbia una scuola in cui più studenti possono godersi le sue lezioni!

Susan Stati Uniti

Meticulously Organized

I highly appreciate Costanza's teaching style. Her lessons are meticulously organized, making the learning process smooth and enjoyable. She demonstrates a keen understanding of my challenges and consistently prioritizes the areas that need more attention, fostering a productive learning experience. Our lessons take place in a friendly atmosphere which, for sure, helps the learning process.

Nikola Slovacchia

Really Helpful

Italian lessons with Chiara and Costanza have really helped me further my Italian. They have a school & do sessions online. I’ve taken Italian grammar for the past 4 years in the United States, but using it conversationally for more than an hour was a challenge. Now living in Florence I was referred to Bona Vitaly by other students. I can be hard to please, but the teachers met my every bullet point. Expertise, educational tools, understanding my competency and helping me to become fluent. Great personalties, too! Grazie Mille!

Evelyn United States

Incredibly Enriching Experience

Several years ago I had the pleasure of embarking on a linguistic journey with Costanza that led me to Bona Vitaly Language School in Florence, which has been an incredibly enriching experience, largely thanks to the dynamic teaching style of the remarkable teacher Costanza. Her approach to teaching is a perfect blend of humor and professionalism. Beyond the regular grammar lessons, Bona Vitaly seamlessly integrates italian culture, history of art and music into our language sessions and turns grammar from torture into exploration. The flexibility of online lessons was a game-changer for me. One unique aspect of my experience with Bona Vitaly were the virtual journeys through historic cities of Florence, Naples and Siena. Whether you're a language enthusiast, a traveller eager to communicate with locals, or someone with a love for the Italian language, Bona Vitaly provides linguistic adventure in the captivating city of Florence. Grazie mille, Bona Vitaly, for making the discovery!

Martina Repubblica Ceca

выучить итальянский легко

Уроки с Костанца всегда проходят так быстро и тепло, что хочется, чтобы эти занятия не заканчивались никогда. Огромное внимание уделяется не только грамматике, но и разговорному языку/диалектам и итальянской культуре. Костанца умеет все так доступно и легко объяснить и занятия всегда проходят в радость. Всем кто хочет легко и с любовью изучать итальянский- выбор очевиден - Bona Vitaly.

Pavel Russia


Costanza was recommended to me from a friend, and since I started taking classes with her I can feel improvements of my Italian. The way she structured the classes are amazing, is not only about grammar also about art, history, geography and Italian culture which makes classes more interesting and fun to learn the language. She has great energy and is very pleasant to study with her!

Tatiana Germania

Extremely Professional

When I started my journey with learning italian, one of the best decisions I took was to connect with Costanza. In a single online session, she understood my needs and studying patterns and curated a personalized learning plan for me. Although due to time constraints from my end, we manage only 1 hour sessions per week. However, in a span of 6 months, I have managed to bumb my Italian from level 0 to level a1. Costanza is extremely professional yet fun and inspiring. I cannot thank her enough for making me fall in love with the language of love.

Bhavya India

Our Mission

Learn Italian super easily with Bona Vitaly!

Discover our unique approach to teaching Italian to foreigners, where culture, friendship and vitality meet together, making learning an unforgettable experience!
We are ready to accompany you on your journey towards mastering the Italian language and to share with you the beauty of our culture.